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The love to create from nature ellements ... this is how it started all. Combination of regular (oak walnut, mahogany etc.) and/or exotic woods (ebony, koa, rosewood etc.) with contemporary elements like glass, and stainless steel opened another endless opportunity to our excellent design team where only sky is the limit.

OWD Ltd was launched in the late 1990's by a European craftsman Sándor Kutasi, coming to the new world as a experienced and knowledgeable master in unique custom staircase and railing design and manufacturing . Having a backround on wood and metal manufacturing,  the increasing demand for combination of these two materials

let us to the top,setting a standard on quality and professionalism for the rest to follow. Through the years many more new ellements where combined proving the creativity of our company in this field and other distinctive and exclusive projects.



Whether you are remodeling on old home or building a new one we have hundreds of design which will fit your imagination when you are looking for a distinctive look for your staircase and railing design.

If you can't find it we will create a uniquely design to fit only your home.

uniquely stairs and railings design

Continuing tradition for over three generation


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