Wine cellars have been around for a very long time and with a very good reason. Their main purpose is to store and to preserve wine. Wine has to be stored at a ideal temperature and away from the rays of the sun.

The wine cellar can also have a secondary purpose, and that is to provide an entertainment for story telling, reviving old memories or making new ones. It can be used as a private dinning room for special occasions, and a place to hung out with friends or as a relaxing time after a long day of work.

When contacting us, after discussing dimensions, features and other key details, if requested, we can create a 3D version of the wine cellar as a visual reference and an idea for how much material is needed.

Our Wine Cellar Services

We create custom built shelves made out of solid wood of different exotic species. The use of natural elements such as rough granite stone walls to old brick floors, mushroom wood ceilings and panelings, will look just how you envisioned your dream Wine Cellar. From L.E.D. lighting to painted murals, natural or electrical cooling systems, to authentic 200 year old functional locks. If you can imagine it, we can make it come alive.

All according to your specifications, working to make your imagination a reality. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary OWD Ltd. features:

      • We use only solid wood, different exotic species for every project
      • Mushroom wood for a unique ceiling design
      • Glass and wood engravings for even further personalization
      • Collectible items for purchase or to incorporate into any project

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